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Wolfpack Fever

It’s no secret that NC State University is consistently ranked among the nation’s top 50 public universities. In fact, Princeton Review reports NC State as a best value for students. With nearly 8,000 faculty and staff serving more than 31,000 students, NC State is renowned for its leadership in education and research. A comprehensive university, NC State consists of 10 schools and colleges:

* College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

* College of Design

* College of Education

* College of Engineering

* College of Humanities and Social Sciences

* College of Management

* College of Natural Resources

* College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

* College of Textiles

* College of Veterinary Medicine

NC State puts knowledge to work. Its Centennial Campus is a unique community where more than 130 industry and government partners collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to conduct cutting-edge research. With expenditures approaching more than $315 million annually, NC State is ranked third among public universities in industry-sponsored research expenditures.

Located in Raleigh, it’s no wonder that many who graduate from NC State move on to careers at the adjacent Research Triangle Park, home to many of the country’s leading Fortune 500 companies specializing in technology, research, and pharmaceuticals.

Anthony Williams

Use Online Resources for Hotel Rates

Posted by Judy Burrell - If you are going to travel to Raleigh and the Triangle to look for a home, you will probably need a hotel.  Do you use travel sites like Travelocity, Orbitz, or Expedia to plan and book your vacation or business travel? I have found that it helps a lot if you search ALL of these sites for your hotel.  Sometimes these sites can have very different prices for the same hotel.  After I find a few hotels from the lists on these travel sites that interest me, then I also check out the websites of each of these few hotels individually. 
On a recent search for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas, the hotel rates for the same hotel ranged from $48 to $70. If you stay a several nights, this difference becomes significant.
So, first look at all the different Internet sites that search hotel rates, and find the best deal.  Then shop that deal by looking at the hotel's site.  You will be surprised at how much you can save.

Foreclosure Relief for Raleigh Real Estate

Posted by Anthony Williams - It’s no secret that foreclosures are on the rise countrywide. A period of cheap and easy financing resulted in rapid appreciation of many markets whose bubble was sure to burst. And burst it did. Many homeowners today find their investment upside down — they owe more on their property than its current value. A large number of foreclosures stem from risky subprime loans. But many result from variable rate loans which drive payments out of reach of borrowers. Enter the Fed.

This summer, President Bush announced the FHASecure plan designed to bring stability to the real estate market by helping break today’s cycle of foreclosures and price depreciation by creating greater liquidity in the mortgage market. A key component of this strategy is to allow families with otherwise strong credit histories to qualify for refinancing based on a risk-based pricing structure.

FHASecure is a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) product, thus will operate under the same safe guidelines as the existing mortgage insurance program. Eligible homeowners will be required to meet strict underwriting guidelines and pay a mortgage insurance premium to help offset risk at no cost to the taxpayer. To qualify for FHASecure, an eligible homeowner must meet the following five criteria:

1. A history of timely mortgage payments.

2. A teaser interest rate that has or will reset between June 2005 and December 2009.

3. A minimum of three percent equity in the home.

4. A sustained history of employment.

5. Sufficient income to make the mortgage payment.

So if your mortgage has reset and you’re struggling to make ends meet, maybe this program will enable you get back on your feet. For more information about FHASecure and other FHA products, call 1-800-CALL-FHA or visit or

Anthony Williams

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