As a first time home buyer you might not have a clue where to start when choosing service providers.  Your Realtor is happy to provide you with contact information for various services. Often, a recommendation comes along with the name of a person the agent has worked with before and trusts, but you are free to choose any service provider you like.   You will need a wide range of services. 

After signing a contract you will need a home inspector to go through the property in detail to give you a report on any problems.  You will also hire a termite inspector to determine if the property has termites, or to certify that the property is free of termites.   If the property has a well and septic system, you may need inspectors for those features.  If the property has structural issues, you might need a structural engineer.    There are all sorts of other issues that may come up, so you may have even more professionals that you need to hire. Then there are utility services such as gas, electricity, water, trash, telephone, cable TV, and Internet. If you move from outside the Triangle, you will need to reestablish the network you had to provide all the services you need. 

There’s always the Yellow Pages and the Internet, but you may prefer a personal recommendation from your Realtor who should have learned what you value in someone who provides a service. 

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