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Posted by Tim Burrell - The Fourth Annual Downtown Raleigh Home Tour for 2008 took place today.  The event was hosted by the Department of City Planning for the City of Raleigh.  I have to applaud them, not only for a wonderful event, but for having a department that wants to show the results of their efforts to encourage a variety of housing in Downtown Raleigh.  For the City's website on the tour, look at .

The tour had a wide range of housing, from one bedroom apartments restricted to to lower income renters to luxury condominiums with spectacular furnishings.  My favorite is the single family home at 318 East Davie Street.  The home is down a gravel driveway, looking like a small brick warehouse.  It used to be a stable for the horses that were part of the fire department in times gone by.  Inside, it is spectacular, open and bright, with only one door in the whole place (on the guest bathroom).  The kitchen is amazing with a huge island, and long bar for casual conversation.  The master suite is grand, with a shower out of Star Wars, featuring two shower heads, spray columns of other shower heads, several music speakers, and curved glass doors.  It has a loft up a flight of stairs nearly in the middle of the property, where the raised roof is made of opaque glass over four short walls made primarily of windows. 

One of the other exciting propertis is the Urban Loft on West Martin Street, where a wonderful architectural firm has its partners living in lofts above their office. The lofts have open liviing spaces for kitchen, dining and living areas, then the master suite covers the entire upstairs (with his and hers offices).  The entrance is throught the old receiving dock for a long since departed electrical company, with the building transformed 18 year ago into two residences over the retail and office space on the street.

Several new projects presented their sales offices with samples of kitchens, bathrooms and other features.  The Hue Condominiums are under construction, and their sales staff is showing what the features will be (for details visit )   Luxurious Bloomsbury Estates will have one, two and three bedroom suites that will be some of the most elegant in the downtown (see for more information, but watch out for the Jazz music that plays on the site if you are looking at work).  West at North is nearing completion with wonderful amenities.  Many of these properties are going for over $300 per square foot,  much higher than anything else in the Triangle.

Most of the new Downtown Residences are condominiums featuring the Atrium Condominiums, the Martin Place Condominiums (, the Park Devereaux Condominiums, ( ) Dawson on Morgan Condominiums ( ), the 222 Glenwood Condominiums ( ), the 510 Glenwood Condominiums ( ) , the Cotton Mill Condominiums (  and the Palladium Plaza Condominiums ( ).   I liked the Founders Row Townhouses ( ) for its location close to City Market, and you get more home for the money.   

The Blount Street Commons has the best of both worlds.  The development is moving 25 historic homes to preserve them and concentrate them within the development.  Then, 400 new residences will be constructed, with a range of residential styles from carriage homes, row houses, flats and detached homes.  They have an excellent website at

The Village a Pilot Mill keeps the orignial Pilot Mill buildings next to the new community of single family homes.  This provides a different style of living from the abundance of condominiums being created downtown. See for more information.

The entire tour was well staffed with helpful guides to get you to the right locations, and to greet you at each property.  Some of the homes had their owners prosent, my Realtor friends Keith and Mary Ann Larsons greeted us at their son's condo, and everywhere you went there was someone present to help.

Downtown Raleigh is going through a wonderful renaissance.  It is not there, yet, as it is a work in progress. But, you can see the progress and the end result will be exciting. 

Modified School Calendar


Well I have to admit I felt a little uninformed when we had to submit our request for Magnet school applications this year with all the changes to the Wake county school system.  My daughter attended a year round magnet school all through elementary school and when we applied for middle school I was not ready for the change. 

Of course we had been told it was on a modified calendar, but we honestly did not know what that meant until we were accepted.  What we found out was that the modified calendar starts July 20th.  Because the school system only recently notified parents of placement acceptance this of course will now give us a short summer break which will be a change to get used to for our family.  For our family and many others we need to be prepared and plan family vacations in accordance to the schedule we have been accepted into.

Have you and your family found yourself confused about what is going on with the redistricting and calendar changes to the public school system?  Well, don't feel bad you are among a very large crowd.  For more information on what is happening with the Wake County School District and the differences between tradition, modified and year round calendars visit our links section of our website for a link to the Wake County Public School Systems website.

No matter what schedule your children are on or even if you don't have children the site is full of great information that you can pass along to friends and family with children.  And no matter what the schedule they have been assigned, supporting their education is one of the most important things you can do for your children.

Falls Lake

Falls Lake is located in the upper portion of the Neuse River Basin, extending for 28 miles from Falls Dam just north of Raleigh to the confluence of the Eno, Flat, and Little Rivers near Durham. Prior to 1978, flooding of the Neuse River caused extensive damage to public and private properties within the Neuse River Basin. But the US Army Corps of Engineers forged ahead with a plan to control the flood waters, completing the dam in 1981. Today the man-made reservoir is comprised of a 12,000 acre lake surrounded by 26,000 acres of woodlands. In addition to providing the water supply for Raleigh and several surrounding towns, the lake also provides ample recreation and wildlife enhancement for the Neuse River Basin.

Falls Dam is constructed of earth and rockfill, and has a side channel uncontrolled spillway. It utilizes a multilevel intake structure and oblong-shaped conduit to discharge water. It has a top elevation of 291.5 feet (msl) and an overall length of 1,915 feet, and its height above the streambed is 92.5 feet. At its normal level, the lake holds about 43 billion gallons. If storm conditions prevail, the lake will discharge water through the spillway when the lake reaches about 115 billion gallons.

But most people are interested mainly in the recreational aspect of the lake. You can learn about this and more by visiting...

Anthony Williams

Harris Nuclear Plant

The Harris Plant is a nuclear power plant owned and operated by Progress Energy. It is located 22 miles southwest of Raleigh, near New Hill. On a clear day, you can see the cooling tower on your left while traveling down Highway 1 below Holly Springs and Apex. The plant is named after Shearon Harris, a prominent figure within the U.S. energy industry during the 1970’s, who worked with the company from 1957 until 1980.

Originally conceived in the 1960s, the company announced in 1971 plans to file with the NRC for a construction permit to build the Harris Plant. After extensive review, a permit was issued in 1978 which allowed the company to construct a four unit nuclear power plant. However, the company revised its forecast for energy consumption and decided that one generating unit would meet demand. Completed in 1987, this unit generates power for more than 550,000 homes; and provides 12 percent of the total electricity generated by Progress Energy Carolinas.

The original license allows the Harris Plant to operate for 40 years, a term selected on the basis of economic and antitrust considerations — not technical limitations. To ensure that safe, reliable power will continue to meet electricity needs in the future, the plant is filing for a 20-year extension of its operating license. Also, in 2005 the company notified the NRC of plans to submit plans for the possible addition of a second reactor at the Harris Plant site. A decision to build has not been made finalized yet, but it might be necessary since approximately 300,000 new customers are expected to be added by 2016.

You can learn more about the Harris Plant by visiting...

Anthony Williams

Dining Rooms and Family Night


Submitted by Lisabeth Tunell:


I used to think that Dining Rooms were  used for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Diners while growing up until I had a dining room all my own…..

I am thankful that builders still put dining rooms in new homes…there is a reason the dining room never lost its popularity.

We have family night in our home every Monday night and try to have dinner and sometimes a movie to try to reconnect with each other after going separate ways all week. How many of us are so busy going in so many different directions that we forget what is important…family and spending time together. This is why we need to make an effort to make a date with the whole family each week, set the dining room table, that is hardly ever used, sit down and have a reconnect session. Its great to find out what each other has done that week, is planning on doing for the next week or just talk about what it is you did that day. You would be surprised how easy it is get the conversation going and how much laughter will be heard around the dining room table that USED to be used at holiday time only!!!!!   

Posted by Leslie Tunell:

We now offer "Staging Services" to our Sellers. When your home is For Sale it then becomes a PRODUCT-A HOUSE FOR SALE- and prospective buyers look at it more critically than the way you normally live in it . Things that you probably don't notice anymore, BUYERS WILL in fact notice. The staging process by our interiors expert allows your home to be viewed in the BEST possible way by the buyers. This may involve removing clutter, certain items and furniture etc. in order to SELL YOUR HOME FASTER AND FOR MORE MONEY!!  Ask us to evaluate your home TODAY!

Posted by Judy Burrell:  As of May 10, 2008 Southwest Airlines has begun flying nonstop from RDU to Denver.  The flight is only four hours and you avoid having to have a layover at another airport, hoping that flight comes in on time, etc.  Nonstop is so great. 

One thing we have learned with Southwest is you can go online the night before your flight and get your group number for the following day.  That saves a lot of the "Southwest Hastle" of getting to the airport extra early to get a low number to board so you can get seats together and where you want them.

We're going to try this new nonstop service to Denver on our next trip to see the Grandkids.  We also got a pretty good deal on the flight with the return flight only being $99!  What a deal.  And nonstop also!

Posted by Tim Burrell - While the Triangle area has a much better real estate market than the rest of the United States, there has been an increase in foreclosures.  For a while, we actually had a decrease in the number of foreclosures, but in the last few months they have gone up by 20%.  Since the number of foreclosures was originally low, the 20% increase is not a huge number of additional foreclosures.  However, it is a significant increase on a percentage basis.

I get the information on every property in Wake County where the foreclosure process is started.  I also get the dale and place of all foreclosure sales.  Some days, there are none, one or two.  Other days there are over 20.  For a county with such a big population, this is still not a large number of foreclosures.  But, the trend is a definite increase.

I represent several banks and asset managers in the sale of properties that have been foreclosed and taken back by the bank.  I started selling these types of properties in 1993, so I have a great deal of experience in this field.  As a result, I have been selected as one of the best agents in this area to represent financial institutions in the sale of their Real Estate Owned (REO) by prestigious  If you look at and seach for a Realtor in Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Holly Springs, Apex, Fuqua-Varina and other parts of this area, you will see the information about this part of my business.

Selling a foreclosed property is more difficult than a normal home, as the process is more complicated and involves more paperwork.  However, it is a great improvement to the neighborhood when we get a new family into the home so that they can turn the blighted property into an asset to the neighborhood.  I sold a foreclosure and a "short sale" property in the Glen Ridge Subdivision in Clayton.  The homeowners association was so pleased that they invited me to the annual meeting and said some wonderful things about our efforts.   

So, if you are looking for a foreclosure property to purchase, your Team has extensive experience in that field.  If you are in charge of managing REO properties, we are certified as being among the best in this area to sell the property. 

I hope the trend will reverse itself, so that the number of foreclosures decreases.  In the interim, I will help to get them sold and improve the neighborhood.

Try a Triathlon. It May Surprise You!



Submitted by Lisabeth Tunell:

Triangle Transits and Triathlons!!!

I have just completed my 6th triathlon (sprint distance) all located within driving distance of the Raleigh area.  For those of you moving into the area and either already participate in Triathlons or if you are thinking about doing your have LOTS of choices.  Just a warning for those of you thinking about doing one, once you finish your first one you will be hooked as I was.  I wanted to do "1" before my big "50" birthday and now I can say that by the time I turn fifty I will have done 8!  One of those will include the Olympic distance, in which I hope to at least finish the race.  If you are unfamiliar with the distances here is a brief description:

Sprint----500 to 750 meter swim/14-18 mile bike/3.1 mile run

Olympic- 1500 meter swim/24 mile bike/6 mile run

Half- 1.2 mile swim/56 mile bike/13.1 mile run

Iron Man-2.1 mile swim/112 mile bike/26.2 mile run

I never realized just how popular this sport is until I really started to train and compete (well compete is not really the correct word as I am not really a competitor in my age group except with myself---I try to beat my own time each race!)  Most Triathlons will have 600-1000 entries and the age ranges from 12 to 80 (yes I said "80" and HE was right behind me).  It is quite an experience on race day and your nerves and stomach are all in a knot until you hear the horn and you start the swim segment, all is quiet and you understand that it is all up to you to pull it out from within!

Once out of the water the cheers begin and the encouraging starts and you get rejuvenated from an exhausting swim and on to the bike where there are so many spectators encouraging you and volunteers with kind words....but you need to remember to leave enough fuel for the run. Just when you think you are at the end of your rope you see the finish line and your adrenaline kicks in because you hear the announcer calling names and the music is playing so you kick it up a few notches and come across the finish line like you could keep going but your body tells you otherwise...

Crossing the finish line and feeling that sense of accomplishment is something you cannot explain so I will just say that I have already set a goal of doing a "half" next May and yes my Husband thinks I have lost my mind but to those of you that have been there, done that, you know exactly what I am talking about!!!  Thanks Triathlete's

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