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Celestial Highlights start Tuesday.....


Posted by Lisabeth Tunell

Beginning Tuesday if you are in the Raleigh area you need to wait an hour after sunset to see a celestial ballet that will continue for the next two weeks. The planetary conjunction will not be as tight as the last time, in June 2006 but will be the closest until April 2022......

The performance features the great ringed planet, Saturn, and our dusty red neighbor, Mars. Mars orbits much closer to the sun than Saturn, so it appears to move thought the sky much more rapidly. Saturn will be shining brightly low on the western horizon. Mars is in the constellation of Leo the lion which is recognized by his signature triangle and sickle pattern.Studded in the handle of the sickle is the bright, bluewhite star Regulus.

The show becomes more interesting on Saturday, when the planets and Regulus are joined by the crescent moon. Saturn, Mars, Regulus  and the Moon will  appear in a line pointing diagonally  toward the western horizon. The gap between the two planets will close over the next few days until July 9th or 10th when Saturn and Mars will be less than one degree apart.

To get the best view get away from the lights of the city. All the planets and stars will be bright enough to be seen on a cloudless night from anywhere in the Triangle area if you cannot get away from the city. For optimum viewing use a telescope or a pair of large binoculars.


You can join Morehead Planetarium's monthly skywatching session at Jordan Lake's Ebenezer Church Recreation Area from 9-11 p.m. Saturday. Visit click on the "Events and Activities" bab and select "Skywatching Sessions" for more info...


See you at the performance in the sky!

Posted by: Lisabeth Tunell

My local YMCA has a Triathlon group that I joined back in September. Our group gets together quite often to either do a lake swim, bike or run and as a group it is a great motivator. I met Rebecca Warriner through this group. She is training for a Iron-man Triathlon so she is a little (okay, a lot ) out of my league. How can you refuse to help when she sends a request for volunteers.  She is so uplifting and infectious that its hard not to want to be around her. Her smile, positive attitude and plain old "big heart" was so evident that it should not surprise me she pulled this off fact the whole Heritage neighborhood got involved by not only encouraging the participants but spraying them with hoses as they passed by.


Wake Forest Holds First Triathlon
Sunday, Jun 29, 2008 - 06:46 PM 
By Kerry Hall
Wake Forest - Rolesville Reporter
WAKE FOREST, N.C.-- Hundreds of people swam, biked, and ran through the Heritage neighborhood in Wake Forest Sunday for the BASF Smile Train Triathlon.
It was the first triathlon ever held in the town, and the first triathlon in the world to benefit The Smile Train, a New York-based organization that helps repair cleft lips and cleft palettes in children in underdeveloped countries.
"It hits home because I'm a parent, and I can't imagine if I looked at my kids everyday and thought, 'I can't help you.'," said Rebecca Warriner, Wake Forest resident and organizer of the event.
"Some races might raise $500. We're raising almost $20,000. And that's huge."
Jonathan Park, a representative from The Smile Train, said the surgeries the money will fund change families' lives.
"She's going to provide surgeries for about 60 kids, which is quite a staggering number considering this is one person that decided she wanted to help," Park said of Warriner's efforts.
Because of support from corporate sponsor and other donations, 100 percent of the registration fees for the event go directly to the charity, Warriner said.
Warriner, who is training to compete in the August's Iron-man Triathlon in Louisville, said she was also excited about the prospect of sharing the sport she loves with her community.
She chose to make the BASF Smile Train Triathlon a sprint-length event so that athletes of all levels could participate.  It included a 250 yard pool swim, a 12-mile bike ride, and 5K run.
"I think probably about half of the race are first time triathletes," she said. "So to have them come out and have this be their first experience, I was so stressed about making sure it was a positive first experience."
All in all there were 300 participants, 75 volunteers and dozens of sponsors.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Come to Raleigh


Posted by Judy Burrell.  A very impressive exhibit opens Saturday June 28 in downtown Raleigh.  Twelve of The Dead Sea Scrolls are being exhibited at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  This is an amazing chance to see an immensly important part of history. 

The Museum will be exhibiting 6 scrolls for a three month run, then exhibiting another six scrolls for the next three months, for a total of a six month display ending in December.

The exhibit details the exciting discovery of the Scrolls in 1947 and traces their history up to the present day.  The display includes replicas of the area where they were found, and an understanding of the life and culture of that area.  Then the scrolls themselves are exhibited in The Gallery of Scrolls.  The Scrolls are exhibited along with a translation next to them and explanations of their importance.   The Scrolls have some of the earliest original versions of documents that are important to both the Jewish and Christian faiths. 

The Scrolls to be displayed were specially selected for this exhibition.  Four of them have never been publically viewed anywhere in the world.  Included in the Biblical Scrolls are  works from the books of Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy and Isaiah. Other scrolls include The Community Rule and the Damascus Document.

Exibitions like this put Raleigh on the cultural map, as an important City in the United States worthy of a special display of several documents that have never been seen anywhere else.  We have many situatuions where Raleigh is on the "Best Of" lists, and now we are getting more respect as a city with special cultural events.

Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see a very important part of history.  The NC Museum of Natural History is located at 11 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27601.  The phone is 919-733-7450.

Revitalizing Downtown Raleigh’s Real Estate


Submitted by Lisabeth Tunell. 

Since 2004 Raleigh’s downtown has been trying to lure not only businesses and restaurants but also incentives for projects that involved converting old building into condos or replacing them altogether.

It seems to be working….

Several projects have been completed in the “center-city’s renewal” district and are on the market and selling despite the market. It seems that people are looking at downtown Raleigh as they would any other large downtown city except for less money.

These projects are among several recent changes on a six-block cluster southeast of the intersection of Fayetteville and Martin streets.

On the block across Davie Street, a pair of towers including an eco-friendly mix of shops, offices, hotel rooms and residences is scheduled to be built. The project, called Edison, would surround a 1,250-space parking deck being built on the block.

To the northwest is the RBC Plaza and that is presently the Triangle's tallest tower and of course the 96-year-old City Market is also poised for upgrades.

As you can see there are many choices to choose from so if you are in the market for a condo that has that “urban” or “eclectic” feel to it contact us.


Downsize or not??? That is the question….


Submitted by Lisabeth Tunell:

My oldest daughter graduated and leaves for college in August. My youngest daughter is a junior. This leaves me with the question of whether I start to think about downsizing after she leaves the nest next August (09). My home is large enough to accommodate all but with just me and my husband….we would be rattling around.

I am sure many couples face this question when their children leave home and move on.  I myself would like to downsize simply because I am tired of cleaning 4200 square ft.!!! I would much rather have a smaller home and have a place where my children can come home to visit (for a while) and leave again.

We are in a golf/tennis community and play both so I would like to stay in the same community.  I have come to love my home as we have it decorated just so, the drapes, the wallpaper, the fabric and the paint all coordinate. My closet is organized so I can find everything as is my kitchen.  My Christmas decorations fit in the unfinished basement just so as does my workout gym and the rest of my “junk” When I think about moving….I get a headache….and yet it is appealing. Why?

I don’t know I just know that a lot of couples do and that is why the Real Estate industry still does business.  No matter what the statistics tell us there will always be someone looking to buy/sell/move…. so I will be in the market starting next spring and selling/buying regardless of what the economy tells me because cleaning a smaller home has to take “half” the time which will leave more time for golf and tennis!!!


If interested in downsizing, call us and we can help you also!


The Fresh Market in Raleigh Has Moved


Posted by Judy Burrell.  The Fresh Market in Raleigh has moved.  I have enjoyed The Fresh Market for years and years.  It is an upscale grocery store which offers lots of unique and tasty items, WAY different from your average grocery store.

Last month The Fresh Market moved down the street from it's old location on Falls of the Neuse.  It is now about 1/2 mile south in Sutton Square behind Winston's Grille in the former Harris Teeter site.  They have added more than 5,000 square feet to their store!   It is such a delight just browsing through all their unusual, hard to find items.   How fun!   

Posted by Tim Burrell- It takes 1.5 trees to provide the paper for the average household to receive its junk mail annually.  I will bet you have thought about whether there is a way to stop this waste of paper, fuel, printing, etc.,as you tossed the unsolicited catalogs and direct mail materials directly into the recycling bin.  If you want to eliminate unwanted junk mail, simply log onto and opt out of direct mail lists.  There is no cost for this service.

At this site you can also select the materials you want to receive, such as credit card offers and catalogs. In other words, you do not have to turn off all the commercial mail, just the stuff you do not want.

Another site, allows you to opt out of unwanted mailings, but it charges one dollar for the service.

To get only the catalogs that you want, go to .  There, you can eliminate catalogs that you do not want while keeping only the ones that you actually enjoy.  Just think how many trees, printing material, delivery fuel and other resources that you can save by eliminating the catalogs that you do not use. 

Please go to one of the sites and stop this waste of trees.  The person who delivers your mail with thank you.

The Harnett County Animal Shelter is in a crisis with overcrowding. They have 100 animals that will be euthanized on June 18th if they are not adopted. They have a lot of cats and dogs of all breeds and ages, 25 puppies that are 2 months old, 11 kittens, and a BEAUTIFUL Siamese mother that just gave birth to 11 kittens. The Siamese would have to be fostered or adopted with the 11 kitttens since they are still nursing. If you are looking for a great pet, please call Tino Medina at (910) 814-2952. These animals deserve a chance to grow up in a loving home. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD to all your blog friends.




We have GONE GREEN! In an effort to conserve paper, we are now emailing as much correspondence as possible.

We have a NEW WEBSITE and are very excited about all the new services and links we now provide.

We provide STAGING SERVICES for our SELLERS in order to get your home in model condition to SELL FASTER and for MORE MONEY.

We will provide an updated market survey of your area to you for FREE.  Call us at 919-270-3931 for yours.

We have a FREE website available to past clients- It's like a FACEBOOK for friends and family where you can communicate, send photos etc.. Ask us about signing up today at 919-270-3931.

Submitted by: Leslie Tunell

Nationwide Tour....


Submitted by Lisabeth Tunell

Nationwide Tour…professional golf in my backyard…..

I have missed only ONE Nationwide Tour so far and that was the first year it started at Wakefield in 2000. What a great experience it is to go out your back door to watch these guys play and know one day soon you will possibly see some of them on the PGA Tour. This is golf at its best because these guys have a big incentive….. to win and play with the “big boys”.

The Nationwide Tour has arrived at TPC Wakefield Plantation and starts today through Sunday June 8th. Total purse is $500,000 and winning share is $90,000.

The Tournament Players Club Wakefield Plantation opened as a private member club in July of 2000.  The par 71, 7,257 yard, 18-hole championship golf course was designed by three-time U.S. Open champion Hale Irwin. The TPC at Wakefield Plantation lies on 217 acres adjacent to Falls Lake.  Here, native pine trees, ponds and creeks remain in their pristine natural condition, framed by 18 carefully sculpted holes whose beauty will only serve to complement their surroundings. Five different sets of tees allow for a enjoyable round for players of all skill levels.

The course is set up differently for these pros but on Monday June 9th members get to try their drive, swing, pitch and putt on the same course and see how they would have faired.

If you are a golfer and would like to say “Professional golf in my backyard…..”next year, call us! 

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