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Talking with the News Media

by Team for YOUr Dreams

posted by Tim Burrell - I got to go through the studios of NBC 17 Friday morning.  Shirley Min, one of the General Assignment reporters called me looking to do an interview concerning Second Life, the virtual world in the Internet.  She had a short deadline to put this interveiw on, the website for the station.  So instead of having her and her camera crew come to my office, I went to their studios.

I have been interviewed by NBC 17 about the development of downtown Raleigh by Sergio Quintana , a story that was on the air about ten days ago.  I met him at West at North in order to give the story a better background.  I have been on  WRAL News several times, and each of those interviews were in the field, as it had more media value to have the backgound of the story in the picture.  But, I had not been to the studio before.

Looking at the inner workings of a television studio is like seeing behind the curtain on the Wizard of Oz, as you get to see how the image is actually created.  The news desk where the news anchors broadcast is a part of one room.  The broadcast area for the weather reporter is a huge green screen.  The director for all the broadcasts  sits in front of huge panel of monitors with an abundance of controls and faders in front of him.  The news producers sit with banks of computers working up stories.   When the news puts a reporter on the air, saying he/she "is reporting from the newsroom", this is where they film.  The feature reporters have cubicles at one side of the news room. 

I got to meet Donald Jones who came over to talk to me briefly about real estate and Sharon Tazwell with whom I had exchanged emails about real estate before.  They were very personable and extremely gracious to take time out of their work to chat with me.  Shirley Min gave me a full tour of the studio, as she has great "people skills" and picked up on how interested I was in the way things worked at the studio.  She wanted to have some discussion about real estate development in Second Life, as people are making large amounts of money developing property in virtual reality.  So, they wired me for sound and the cameras rolled while she asked me questions.

If you ever get a chance to go through a television studio, go for it, as it is a great education.

P.S. The links in the story do not always show up as underlined links.  Click on any word that is not the normal color in this story, as it is a link.  

Wake Forest National Night Out

by Team for YOUr Dreams
Submitted by Melanie Jerman - On Tuesday, August 7 neighborhoods throughout Wake Forest are invited to join the Wake Forest Police Department, Target, and thousands of communities across the United States for the 24th Annual National Night Out.

National Night Out (NNO) teams law enforcement agencies with citizens, community leaders, civic groups, and local businesses to promote safe, healthy neighborhoods. NNO is designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness; generate support for, and participation in, local anticrime programs; strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships; and send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

The Wake Forest Police Department and Target, the national sponsor for NNO, are marking the occasion by hosting a “National Night Out Parking Lot Party” from 5 p.m. to
10 p.m. at the Wake Forest Target Superstore, 12000 Retail Drive.

The event promises something for everyone including a child ID area where parents can have their children photographed and fingerprinted. Safe Kids child safety seat technicians will also be on hand to demonstrate the proper installation of child safety seats and community crime prevention officers will distribute information on topics such as vehicle security, home security, and personal safety.

The police department will also offer a K-9 demonstration and D.A.R.E. presentation, share information on upcoming Community Watch initiatives and provide rosters designed to help new neighborhoods develop their own Community Watch programs.

Also from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., police will increase foot and area patrols in a majority of subdivisions within the Wake Forest community. Citizens in these areas are encouraged to lock their doors, turn on outside lights, and spend the evening with police officers and neighbors discussing local concerns.

If your neighborhood or homeowner’s association is interested in scheduling a NNO event in your neighborhood or subdivision or if you want more information on the NNO Parking Lot Party, contact Sgt. J. Graham at (919) 554-6170.

For more information about the Town of Wake Forest, contact Bill Crabtree, Public Information Officer, at (919) 554-6196.

Parking at Raleigh Durham International Airport

by Team for YOUr Dreams

Submitted by Judy Burrell:  When flying out of Raleigh Durham Airport (RDU), you may have to deal with parking.  The Airport Authority had built an extensive amount of parking right at the airport, that is great for short trips as it is right at the terminal.  The Airport Authority also has lots of parking at remote lots.  However, a good option for airport parking is at Preflight Parking.

Preflight Parking is located at 9600 Lumley Road in Raleigh.  As you enter the secure parking lot, the attendant tells you in which row to park your car.  In a couple of minutes the small Preflight bus comes by and picks you and your bags up right at your car.  Yes, they even load your suitcases into the bus for you.  Then they deliver you to the curb at your airline’s terminal, and unload your bags for you.  When you return from your trip, the bus picks you up and takes you back to their secure parking lot and drops you off right at your car.  Again, they will carry your suitcases for you.  This is especially convenient if you are a woman traveling alone, as I have been on several occasions. 


Another convenience is you can arrange for Preflight to do certain maintenance items on your car while you are one your trip.  They will do safety inspections, tune ups, car washes and other things.  If you have a safety inspection due for your car registration, this is particularly convenient.  Also, they will put your car at the front of the parking area, and drop you off first, if you have work done.   


The cost of the remote Park and Ride lots at RDU is currently $6 per day and if you park in the big parking structure between the two terminals, the cost will be $10 per day.  However, if you print out the Preflight coupon at, the cost of parking at their secure lot where they pick up and deliver you directly to your car is only $6.25 per day or $41 per week.  What a deal!!


Here’s a tip.  You can make a reservation for your car so that you can be assured the lot will not be full when you arrive.  This is especially important during busy holiday times, as they will turn you away if the lot is full and you do not have a reservation.  You can also join a Frequent Parker's program that will let you park there even if the lot is full.


Preflight’s phone number is 919-782-6230, and for more information click here

from Tim Burrell:  When you move, all the networks you had at your old home are gone.  When you come to the Triangle, you need to get someone help you get re-established and give you the connections and tips that make life easier.  A short story will illustrate the point.

I renewed my drivers license yesterday.  When I drove up to the Division of Motor Vehicles office, I could see the line extend out the door, where 8 people were standing in the sun in 94 degree heat.  Inside the line snaked back and forth twice along the length of the the waiting area just to get to the first contact with a government representative.  One those waiting got past there, there were rows of chairs, all full, that they had to wait through.  Once they worked their way to the front of the chairs, when their number was called, they could actually start the process of getting a new license.  It would take hours for the those who do not know the system to wait through the line.  The new laws about Homeland Security make the process much more difficult and time consuming.

I had an appointment.  I went past those sweating in the sun, skipped the snaked line, when to the desk, got the next number, bypassed all the chairs, and went to the next available examiner.  From the time I parked my car to the time I walked out of the office with the new license was 28 minutes, most of which was taking the test and waiting for my picture.  The trick is to know how the system works to make it as easy as possible on you.  In this case, the trick is the appointment.  It is unfortunate that the Division of Motor Vehicles does not tell people that it is much easier with an appointment.

When you deal with families that move into town that need to re-establish their life all the time, you learn the ways to make their lives easier.  Drivers licenses is one example. Dealing with Utilities is a second example.  School information and procedures is another.  Special needs and medical requirements is a fourth.  Connecting to religious organizations is a fifth.  I could go on and on. 

When I started in real estate, Realtors had value because they knew the homes for sale. Now,  I put all of those on the Internet for everyone to see.  The value of service, and a broad range of service,  is much more important today.     

By the way, you can find what you need for a drivers license in Wake County by clicking here .  It has the basic information, not the tips that come with experience.  If you want more general information about other parts of driving, go to

from Tim Burrell: Realtors have been trained to try to avoid Mortgage Insurance, frequently called PMI (for Private Mortgage Insurance), MIP (for Mortgage Insurance Premium) or MI (for Mortgage Insurance).  It is the insurance a lender requires a buyer to purchase when the amount of the loan is more than 80% of the value of the house.   The reason for the insurance requirement is that it reduces the lender's risk that the buyer will not make the payments, as the insurance steps in if the buyer defaults on the payments.   Loans of 80% or less do not need that insurance, as it is less likely that the borrower will walk away from the loan, and a better chance for the lender to get their money back in the event they need to foreclose.

The reason we avoided it is that the payment was not deductible from your federal income taxes.  If we structured a purchase so that you had an 80% first loan, and a 10% to 20% second loan, there was no Mortgage Insurance as the first loan was only 80% of the value of the house.  Then, the interest on the first and second loans was deductible.

There has been a change in the laws that allows Mortgage Insurance to be dedcutible on homes purchased this year.  Those who predict Congress' behavior believe that law will be extended for next year, and for following years.  However, it does apply for homes purchased now.

So, if you have an opportunity to purchase a home with a loan that is over 80% of the value of the home, and you are working hard to avoid the Mortgage Insurance, you do not have to work so hard if you are buying it in 2007.  As always, consult your tax advisor before you sign anything concerning financing, as the taxing authorities have a nasty habit of having complex regulations, and changing those regulations frequently.

from Tim Burrell:  Forbes magazine studied the major cities around the United States to see which were Sellers Markets and which were Buyers Markets.  Their conclusion:  Raleigh is the top Seller's Market in the United States.

In short, in ranking sellers markets Raleigh is Number 1, San Francisco 2, Austin 3, San Antonio 4, St. Louis 5, Houston 6, Portland Oregon 7.

Here is what Forbes had to say about Raleigh "This scenario is also playing out in Raleigh, N.C., the No. 1 city on our list. Moderate growth and disciplined building over the last five years prevented the market from developing a significant glut. Additionally, a strong local economy has helped contribute to the city's healthy 1.6% vacancy rate.

What's more, the rate of home sales against home inventory was healthy in Raleigh; in this category, it ranked fifth best of big cities, according to Moody's metrics. Even though the market has low vacancy to begin with and displayed strong construction restraint during the housing boom, Raleigh still has the eighth best rate of tightening."

The low vacancy rates in Raleigh is more impressive with the increase in properties owned by investors that are available to rent.  It is also surprising that the inventory ranked so well, as we have a 23% increase in the number of new homes for sale this year compared to last year.

The way they judged a buyer's vs. a seller's market is a simple supply vs.demand analysis of housing stock: At the current rate of sales, how long would it take to sell off the inventory? If that measure comes back high, it is a buyers market, generally over 6 months of supply. If it is low, under 6 months, it is a seller's market.

Click here to take a look at the Forbes Sellers Market Article.

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