Posted by Judy Burrell.  Have you ever boarded a plane and found out your seat, unfortunately, does not recline and you are flying all the way across the country?  Or, that your assigned seat is right in front of the restroom and you have to endure people standing over you while they wait in line to use the "facilities"?  Your flights will be much more enjoyable with the help of

When you go to you will be able to first pick your airline and then pick the model of your particular aircraft.  When you have found your aircraft, such as the MD80 or 757, you will then be shown a diagram of the inside of the plane with lots of useful information.  Some seats are marked in red (try to avoid them at all costs!),  They are the worst seats on the plane.  Some seats are marked yellow and have some cautionary words of wisdom for you, such as the seat does not recline, or the seat width is narrower because of a tray in the armrest, or those dreaded seats at the rear of the plane near the restroom.  Some seats are green.  These are the ones to try to get because they are the best seats in the "house" with extra legroom, for example.  When you hover your mouse over the particular seat you are considering, a description of the seat problems or benefits will come up.

Another great feature of that Tim and I use a lot is it will show which seats have power ports.  We always try to get these so we can plug in our dvd player or computer to help the time go faster.  The power port symbols are little black circles between the seats on the chart.  We usually fly on MD80s on American Airlines out of Raleigh and I have now learned which seats have those power ports!  (A few airlines we have flown on don't have any power ports at all, but American has them on about 1/3 of the rows.)

So next time you make your online airline reservation, don't just take the seat they automatically assign to you.  Open up and use it to help you change your seat assignment and you just might have a more enjoyable journey.